Smart Vehicle Telematics Platform

Platform of the Future. Available Now.

Live Tactical, Operational and Strategic Awareness

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your job, you will know the operational, tactical and strategic status of your assets every moment.

BEARS integrates the key enabling technologies on any Smart vehicle — Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, condition-based maintenance, and PPMx. BEARS reads onboard data buses and smart sensors to establish the best outcome and recommend immediate actions.

BEARS is a system of onboard hardware, software, telematics and secure cloud, all linked in a powerful, robust ecosystem. BEARS has an end-to-end system approach that links to existing electronics buses and communications.

APIs from industry, academia and government labs can be validated and integrated onto the BEARS platform. BEARS provides validation and incentives to help grow the platform.

Smart Sensors for Smart Vehicles

BEARS Sensors

Stand by: Low-cost Smart Sensors that fuse visual, RADAR, LIDAR and other spectra coming soon.

Our original product, BEARS (Blast Event Analysis and Recording System), has been used on combat vehicles and on hundreds of blast tests to record the effects from blast and shockwave. The rugged blast sensors can be used over and over again. The bolt-on-and-go design requires no field engineering support. High accuracy. Connects to CAN bus and BEARS Telematics. Sync-link triggers multiple sensors for structural analysis. Comes with software.

Other BEARS smart sensors: Roll-over alert, Shockwave, Warfighter-worn exposure, Vehicle Dynamics.


BEARS Smart Hub for Autonomy

BEARS is moving in lockstep with the most advanced automotive and transportation technology in the world. Leveraging the pace and investment of industry. Billions have been invested by the transportation sector. They are in the lead and vanishing into the distance.

The affordable strategy for government and the military is to hitch a ride on the investment of industry in autonomous vehicles – and to avoid the costly over-reach of a not-invented-here approach from inside the military-industrial complex.

Cybersecurity is as important to industry as to the military. Maybe more so. Because the race for fully autonomous vehicles is so competitive and the bets are so big — even by Pentagon standards – that the cost and risks of autonomy are existential to investors and industry. These are bets by real players with everything at stake. Hacking is a competitive threat. So, cybersecurity is an imperative.

Advancing the State-of-the-art

Stealth & Cybersecurity

BEARS has an advanced approach to cyber security that meets and exceeds the highest standards. Presentation and discussion will be provided to a qualified audience in the proper security setting.