Enhanced Cognition AI+

BEARS does analytics at the tactical EDGE and in the secure cloud. The benefits are speed, stealth and robustness.

Onboard the vehicle, Enhanced Cognition AI+ algorithms running on the EDGE computer optimize performance and reduce warfighter cognitive load. The secure telematics link the EDGE computer insights to cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning. As conditions change, alerts are sent to decision makers up and down the echelon.

EDGE computing with telematics and a dedicated cloud ecosystem is powerful, fast and accurate.


The Next Step: Enhanced Cognition AI+

BEARS takes a broader heuristic approach than AI – called, Enhanced Cognition AI+. Our problem-solving engine is fast, accurate, and hyper efficient combining all the benefits of edge computing with the full power of big data and the practical knowledge of vehicle and warfighting experts.

Enhanced Cognition AI+ is built for the surprises of warfare, learning quickly, continuously adapting to the changing conditions. Problems of logistics, mission planning, autonomy, and abstract issues can be solved with a cost function that is factors of magnitude below the approaches suggested by AI purists.

As conditions change, improvements and upgrades can be moved to the EDGE securely on a daily or hourly basis to create and maintain a decisive tactical and strategic advantage.

artificial intelligence +


BEARS approaches assured position, navigation and timing (A-PNT) using methods developed by industry for autonomous vehicles combined with other means of spatial referencing. The connection of BEARS to the onboard data buses of the vehicle provides further triangulation of coordinates. These methods include methods used by the internet of things to provide location.

Connection to satellites, cellular, and Wi-Fi locations plus advanced inertial referencing and geo-mapping establish strong navigation capability in GPS-denied environment with zero emissions or signature.

The capability of adding sensors that recognize landmarks within the geo-spatial terrain comes from methods proven on autonomous vehicle programs. The key step toward a practical solution for ground mobility is to move quickly into validation, verification and development on real hardware.

Information Your Way

Custom Dashboards

We send you the true, simple answer that you need for your job. Sent to you at just the right moment – not sooner and not later. Alerts. Alarms. Trends. Predictions and situational awareness you can use and depend upon now.

BEARS provides a Dashboards-as-a-Service so you can quickly get to work. We provide expert help to create the Dashboard you need for your job. Together, we winnow away all the bits and bytes to get to actionable knowledge about your status right now and the trends that will impact your future. We can set up the reports, alarms, and alerts you need.

Regardless of whether you are managing a small fleet or the budget of the entire military, BEARS DaaS will work with you to build a toolset that is perfect for you to make informed decisions at a glance or diving deep in the data. Your job. Your dashboard.

Working with Legacy Systems

Information Systems Integration

Every working group in the government and military uses enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It maybe local on a desktop. Or an enterprise solution on site. Or connected through the cloud. There are thousands of systems at work today. BEARS can work with all of them.

By linking legacy systems with BEARS, it may be possible to improve the accuracy of the information and reduce the net-net costs.

Making all the data systems work well together is a large and ongoing task that requires dedicated support. BEARS information systems integration as a service (ISIaaS) can help smooth the job.