Goods & Services

The Bundle Advantage

BEARS is a complete suite of services that drives system cost reductions and value.

There are many ways to buy BEARS goods & services

One powerful approach is the BEARS Bundle. BEARS products and services can be bundled together to ensure the lowest cost of ownership and operations. At the end of the contract period, the system can be upgraded or updated to keep pace with industry. The bundling approach allows fleets to go on-line in an orderly manner.

Our objective is to work together to navigate the contracting and funding maze with agility, efficiency, and speed – and do it without cutting any corners.

How we work

Platform-as-a-Bundle (PaaB)

BEARS has a range of solutions for different vehicles, missions and echelons. These range from ultra-high-performance systems with image processing and substantial data transmission (normally for robotic vehicle development) to base model onboard systems with low data transmission for large tactical fleets.

Whatever the need, BEARS has a solution that is tailored to the need and budget. The BEARS team will work with you to find the best system for your needs at an affordable cost that can be put under contract quickly.

Often, the best way to balance performance and cost is our Platform-as-a-Bundle (PaaB) contracting model. At other times, the best path forward may be to decouple goods and services. Either way, BEARS is committed to providing economics of scale.

3-fleet Approach

PPMx That Works

Another important concept for creating value: The 3-fleet Approach. Analytics show that a factor of magnitude reduction in net-net fleet operating cost and readiness can be realized through this method. The 3-fleet approach can achieve full PPMx, CBM+ and the lowest operating costs in a realistic, rapid and cost-effective way. This approach, by the way, is the approach that major fleets at automotive OEM and online delivery services use.


A small fleet (~25 vehicles) is equipped with BEARS high-performance platforms and supported by an engineering team. The purpose of the small fleet is to isolate and correct problems at the root cause, then spreading the solution across the full fleet in the field. PATHFINDER addresses about 80% of predictable field failures.


A second large fleet (~1000 vehicles) uses a lower cost/high performance BEARS platform that is supported by a remote data science team. The second fleet allows powerful analytical tools like machine learning and statistics to find and correct the rest of the problems. ENHANCED COGNITION AI+ addresses remaining 20% of predictable field failures.


A third fleet, all the other vehicles in the field at echelon, have a low cost telematics platform that predicts all field failures, streamlines fleet management & operations. FULL DEPLOYMENT fleet addresses about 100% of predictable field failures on all vehicles.

How we work

Making Cybersecurity Strong and Affordable (CVaaS)

Meeting the challenges of hacking is of paramount importance. BEARS offers an approach to cybersecurity that unlocks the power of industry, academia, and government labs.

BEARS provides Cyber-Validation-as-a-Service to any entity that wants to work on the BEARS platform. BEARS will compile and test any API from industry, academia or government labs to insure cybersecurity and compatibility with the BEARS platform.

Pricing for CVaaS is quoted based on the scale of the project to be integrated, the upgrade plan and other factors. Of course, CVaaS is a service that respects the intellectual property rights of the submitting parties.


Dashboard-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Every job in the government and military has a unique need for information. For example, the Motor Pool Sargent has a different job than an acquisition officer supporting the same fleet. The Program Management Office needs an even broader focus. Both need to extract different information from the same data. BEARS provides a service to help each user set up their own dashboard, then improve and maintain it over the years.

DaaS combines a set-up fee with a period-of-performance fee. The bundled total can be settled upfront or in installments over the contract period.


Information Systems Integration as a Service (ISIaaS)

There are thousands of legacy databases throughout the government and military. Some are large, like GCSS-Army. Others may exist on an individual computer. BEARS will integrate the information into the BEARS database and dashboards for a one-time fee and will maintain the integration for a multi-year service charge.

How we work

BEARS Sensors

Blast Event Analysis and Recording System, the original BEARS product, was approved for use on the Marine Corp LAV in theater and has been used on several hundred blast tests. The units are TRL-9. Pricing is volume dependent. BEARS blast sensor connects to CAN for integration into BEARS PaaS systems.

Other BEARS sensors are at a lower TRL level include:

  • Roll-over Sensor that also senses load center-of-gravity, overall load, terrain and soil content, and driver aggressiveness. Currently TRL-6
  • Vehicle Dynamics and Usage Sensor provides onboard measurement of terrain and soil mechanics, changes in vehicle performance that can inform predictive analytics and mission planning optimization. TRL-9
  • Warfighter Exposure Sensor measures energetic exposure to blast pressure, sound, and shockwave as a predictor of injury such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Lightweight sensor mounts on the rear collar of the warfighter near the point where of serious injury the upper neck vertebra. TRL-5
  • Stand by: Low-cost Smart Sensors that fuse visual, RADAR, LIDAR and other spectra coming soon.

Non-recurring Charges & Continuous Improvement

For projects and focus areas that are of special interest to a BEARS user community, there will be a one-time charge. An example of such a project is a vehicle or mission specific challenge. BEARS team has excellent in-depth vehicle development and innovation experience to bring to the users.

Military operating units may have support needs for mission planning in a given set of circumstances to optimize outcomes and/or integrate other information into a wholistic picture.

Special Projects

Badenoch and BEARS have experience in vehicle design for mass efficiency, mobility, survivability, and transportability. Key elements of the Badenoch Vehicle Architecture have been proven under contract to Office of Naval Research, GVSC (TARDEC), and DARPA. Our objective is to work with an OEM to build and develop a next generation combat and tactic vehicle as an IRAD project. The time to design and build would be a minimum of two years. BEARS will proceed on a cost-plus basis and will work in close concert with the OEM team.

How we work

Intellectual Property

The BEARS Smart Vehicle Telematics approach carefully guards the intellectual property of all collaborating enterprises (industry, academia, and government). The Validation as a service (VaaS) and Cybersecurity Validation as a Service (CVaaS) protect the interests of the government and military as well as the contributing suppliers by having a single gateway for secure information. This is a service that industry and small innovators could not afford on their own.

The intellectual property strategy is generally recommended as a trade-secret agreement between BEARS and the innovators. This reduces the possibility of exposure.

Suppliers of intellectual property are paid based on either a negotiated one-time fee upfront or a royalty based on usage or a combination of both.