Domain Expertise

Geeks and Gearheads

Vehicle Expertise

We bring vehicle expertise that is real, deep and innovative. BEARS starts with people who have designed, developed and produced vehicles at scale. Innovations include electronic stability control, active suspension, telematics, and high-tech/high performance vehicles, and electric vehicles. Experience also includes autonomy/robotics, VV&D (validation, verification and development), and over-the-air software version control.

Predictive analytics — prognostics, predictive maintenance, condition-based maintenance, failure prevention — requires an in-depth understanding of vehicle, fleet operations, spares management and distribution. Tactical, operational and strategic planning requires a practical working knowledge of the missions, usage, and economics.

BEARS has designed, built and tested military vehicles for survivability and mobility for ONR, DARPA, and TARDEC (now GVSC).

Tactical. Operational. Strategic.

Military Industrial Complex

The military is a world unto itself with its own language, customs, culture, ethos, and people. At BEARS, we share a single focus — the mission of our military in maintaining world peace.

Our job at BEARS is to bring the best of the industrial world to our military in important ways.

Defense is a massive and complex undertaking. The geographic reach spans the far-flung corners of the earth and the heavens. Industry, government and military are intertwined in a unique and powerful Gordian knot. We get it.

We love the challenge. And are here to serve.

Capitol Hill and Pentagon

Investing in Government

BEARS is a bridge between the military and industry. A two-way bridge.
To serve the military, a business must be all in from the start. All the internal systems must meet government standards. These are different from industrial practice. By law, there is no middle ground. BEARS has made the investment in business systems are compliant with government, yet friendly to our industry collaborators.

There’s a lot to know. For example, on Capitol Hill and in the Pentagon, greenbacks are technicolor. The color of money is, well, arcane. As is the jungle of contracting instruments. The information systems. The acronyms with the shelf life of a General Officer. It is all thrown in a kaleidoscope and twisted the moment anyone starts to master it. Most sensible people get frustrated and stop trying.

Take heart. It is possible to succeed. BEARS is fiercely determined to help our stakeholders on both sides of the bridge achieve excellence, dominion and fellowship.