Smart Vehicle Telematics Platform The hub of modernization for military and government

BEARS platform links government and defense to the power of American industry and the innovation engine of small business to enable advances in readiness, sustainment and lethality through edge computing, telematics, artificial intelligence, Enhanced Cognition AI+, autonomy, electrification, and cybersecurity.

  • Enhanced Cognition AI+ &
    Predictive Analytics
  • Smart Vehicle
    Telematics Platform
  • Onboard Robotics Hub
  • Military Vehicle Domain Expertise

mission statement

BEARS Mission

Transform the battlefield and government through product leadership, innovation and value.

Our Mission Statement

We envision a Government where everyone experiences the transforming power of American innovation and industrial might.

Our model

Deliver the Future

Real. Here. Now.

BEARS platform links government and defense to the power of American industry to enable advances in readiness, sustainment and lethality through edge computing, telematics, artificial intelligence, Enhanced Cognition AI+, autonomy, electrification, and cybersecurity.


Track Record. Trust. Diplomacy.

BEARS is the bridge between industry and military. The process starts with strong relationships with world leaders in industry that have the technology the military needs to modernize. The massive investment by industry in transformative technology has accelerated the pace of advancement far beyond the limits of the government’s formal process. With BEARS, neither party needs to change. BEARS has the people and systems in place to operate in both realms – industry and military/government.


Genius. Speed. Perseverance.

BEARS combines genius for breakthrough solutions with deep understanding of military operations, doctrine, sustainment and budgeting. BEARS uses available leading-edge technology that is ready for your application – not with pre-state-of-the-art novelties or futurist overreach. Working with our high-value collaborators from industry, BEARS quickly integrates solutions that can be efficiently developed for production-at-scale with high value and low cost.


Engage with Fierce Determination

BEARS culture empowers a bias toward action. Our squad of geeks and gearheads make great things happen. Our company motto – The Best Team Wins – places people in a supportive environment where they are encouraged to build strong relationships while moving out. At the heart of our code of conduct is accountability to the success of all stakeholders, to the business model and enterprise strategy.

Enterprise Strategy

Reaching Full Potential, Delivering Best Results For All Stakeholders

Strong Growth. Solid Margins.

Since being spun off from Badenoch LLC in 2015, BEARS has executed a strategy to leverage our business model to establish leading edge products and services with a differentiated value proposition. Our enterprise strategy is to generate rapid growth in the government and defense sectors to achieve long term market share leadership with the solid margins needed to support rapid expansion, continuous improvement, and innovation.

Through the steady execution of the enterprise strategy, BEARS is positioned to deliver top-tier industrial sector performance over any five-year period regardless of the economic environment or shifts in military doctrine or political governance. The enterprise technical strategy is focused on staying ahead of potential competitors by bringing innovation to the BEARS platform rapidly through industrial teaming and internal product development, improving the value of BEARS each year through software updates and hardware upgrades.

Our Culture

Living our motto: The best team wins.

Mastering Teamwork starts with inclusion. Our team is all our stakeholders – users, clients, customers, suppliers, consultants, internal team members, our leadership, our country. One team. We achieve together. No winners if there is a loser. No one left behind.


Get the important stuff right. Juggle one ball at a time. Stretch beyond the comfortable and known. But do not far exceed the possible. Get it through your fingertips into something real.


We win when good intentions are translated into intentional actions. Specific actions. A clear plan. Metrics count. Use evidence based practices that measure progress to specific goals with key milestones and deadlines.


Expect change. Be ready to adapt on the fly. Then, be clear quickly. Dispassionate, forthright disclosure is critical to the speed of success. Re-align the team and move out.


Transparency goes a long way to remind stakeholders that we are capable and making progress. The issue is either improvement or getting back on track. Winning and not winning are flip sides of the same coin.


Progress can be slow, uneven and often stalled. Success favors courage and fierce determination. So, too, do grace and good fortune. Small victories add up over time and build momentum. Ride them. Onward. Forward.

Sincerity & Respect

Sincerity and Respect are Master Skills born of the heart, mind and soul. They are our failsafe. Cultivate these continuously. Love one another. And be loveable. Make your team a work of art.

Our Leadership

Scott Badenoch, Sr.
  • General Motors, Delphi, AMG Mercedes. Manager of Vehicle Performance
  • ITW and Raychem. Successful internal technology launches
  • Records of invention in automotive, defense, energy, medical, and fastening systems
  • Board of Army Science & Technology, National Academies of Science
  • Smithsonian Museum, Permanent exhibit of his work and philosophy
  • Princeton University, University Scholar (BA Architecture)
  • Badenoch LLC and BEARS LLC, CFO
  • General Motors Acceptance Corporation, Treasure’s Office, Tax & Audit
  • Government contract accounting, activity-based cost, budget & forecasting
  • MBA, Steven M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
  • BA, College of Literature, Science & Arts, University of Michigan
Rich FROST, Ph.D.
  • General Motors, Global Director of Data Integration, Cyber Security, ERP Systems
  • GM Data Centers Worldwide. Security, performance, communication and cloud
  • Volkswagen NA, Director of Software Development. Security, ERP, and Internet
  • Co-author: CMMI-ACQ (Carnegie Mellon). Systems Engineering Book of Knowledge
  • Computer Science Advisory Board. University of Michigan
  • Additional MS in Cyber-security

STEM Project

Scott W. Badenoch Foundation

BEARS in Space.

In 2021, Scott Badenoch started a remote learning STEM project called “BEARS in Space”. The purpose is to understand the effects of space flight on climate change and the environment and to publish a report annually. The project is organized with students working in the Microsoft TEAMS environment, meeting once a week for an hour to discuss their findings with their peers and BEARS in Space advisor.

The project is open to all especially-qualified students at the high school, college and graduate school levels. Candidates must have a strong ability to work independently and a sense of wonder and curiosity. Communications skills are important as a written report will be published every year, authored by the STEM team. Students must submit an application request.

BEARS in Space advisory team is prepared to help active team members gain funding for their continued education and placement in academia, industry, and government. (Note: The foundation may be especially able to help NATIVE AMERICAN students).