Smart Vehicle Telematics Platform

Complete diagnostics solution optimized for government and military.

  • Eliminate all predictable field failures
  • Streamline fleet management & operations
  • Enables AI, autonomy, electrification

industry leader

Proven and Powerful

BEARS is at work today. Having logged millions of miles. On every continent. In all climates. On and off road.

BEARS leverages the success, leadership and investment of industry for the benefit of the government and military.

BEARS is a complete solution with the people, tools and blazing speed to meet evolving needs and stay ahead in the race of emerging technology.

What we do

What BEARS offers

Optimized Decisions through Enhanced Cognition AI+

BEARS Telematics

Onboard domain controllers for predictive maintenance, autonomy, UI/UX and power management. Secure communication through LEO, cellular, Wi-Fi.

BEARS Sensors

Alerts, alarms and analysis. Combat effects sensors for blast, shockwave, and kinetic effects to vehicle and in area. Rollover Warning Sensor that adjusts to load and terrain.

BEARS Systems

Moving beyond Artificial Intelligence. Enhanced Cognition AI+ in the hands of vehicle experts to provide readiness, reliability and cost efficient lifecycle management.

BEARS Defense

Built for speed. Military and national security tools to support the mission: Cyber-security, networking, and integration with legacy and emerging ERP and storage.

  • Delivery

    Local to Global

  • Defense

    National Security

  • Fleets

    Pool to Police

  • Autonomy

    Start to Finish

Industries served

Nothing Succeeds like Success

BEARS leverages success in commercial markets to bring the government and military the most advanced capability in predictive analytics, autonomy, and electrification. Here’s a who’s who list:

  • World’s largest, most sophisticated online retailers
  • Global Overnight Delivery Services
  • OEM manufacturers and Tier One suppliers

no substitute for experience

Proven Industry Leadership

BEARS brings together geeks and gearheads with a track record of getting innovation through their fingertips into mass production.

Government and military can leverage industry leadership in:

  • Smart vehicle architecture
  • Complete diagnostics — Enhanced Cognition AI+
  • Power & data management for SWAP-C
  • Human out-of-the-loop for critical applications
  • Secure over-the-air software updates
  • Leading edge cyber security

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Scott Badenoch | Founder